Sam Case School Building

Welcome to Sam Case Elementary School

Sam Case Elementary School nurtures and grows third grade to fifth grade learners.  We are committed to empowering student agency and belonging through collaborative, joyful learning experiences focused on celebrating the strengths and uniqueness of each and every student. We are relentlessly committed to developing literate thinkers by infusing high-leverage strategies into daily practices. 


Empowering all students every day to embrace their future as joyful, life-long, resilient, curious and connected learners.


Sam Case is a collaborative learning community united in our commitment to ensure that all students leave Sam Case Elementary as critical thinkers, readers, and problem solvers, empowered to do what they love.


Title I

Sam Case Elementary is a Title I School.

Title I is a Federal program designed to help all students achieve high standards in literacy. We provide:

  • Student assessment in literacy designed to identify areas of strengths, areas needing improvement, and ongoing assessment to monitor student progress.
  • Targeted instruction for students to provide extra literacy instruction beyond the core classroom reading program.